Primary Research – Concept Evaluation


Research Objective

The primary goal of this research is to find out what the user’s expectations of a short film are and to use this information to further develop the project. This includes not just the film, but also the parallel forms of media used in this project. The research will also help determine what sort of content the user would prefer in addition to the narrative itself – wallpapers, games, soundtracks, etc.

The film will have some focus on technology and communications advancements in the world and how it affects relationships. Due to this another part of the research is to gauge the audience’s opinion on technology and relationships. This data will help provide understanding on the audience’s perspective on the subject.

Research Method

The research method chosen for this project is qualitative. This was chosen because it provides a more meaningful details about the audience – such as their personality and characteristics. This helps in gaining a clearer understanding of the end user and their expectations and opinions, as opposed to quantitative research which generally reduces the data to statistical numbers.

Research Collection Method

The principle method of data collection is online surveys. This is due to their ease of use and the minimal time required to fill them out. Online surveys also have the advantage of engaging with a larger number of users than would be possible with one on one interviews or questionnaires. As online surveys can be used by people from various countries and cultures, this could potentially provide more insightful and less biased data. The target demographic is fairly unrestricted to help gain the widest range of perspectives.

Research Questions

The aim of this project is to convey a story using various forms of digital media and social networking. The main narrative itself will be presented in a short film. The story will revolve around how communication has changed over the years and the influence it has had on relationships. With the progress in communication technologies, are we more connected to people? Or is it that the rise of technology has simply created a generation of individuals with superficial, apathetic relationships?

1. Do you think people are more connected today as opposed to the past decades?



2. Do you think that technology has had negative or positive impacts on relationships overall?



3. Are you aware of transmedia or any transmedia projects?



4. What do you use social media for primarily?

Engaging with friends

Ideas, hobbies, etc.

Current events, news

Taking a break, spare time

Self promotion

5. What kind of content do you primarily prefer on social media?





6. What is your preferred social network?





Blogging (Tumblr, WordPress, etc.)

Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.)


I don’t use social media

7. What kinds of supplementary content would you like to have for a film?






8. What are your thoughts on the idea of this project?


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